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PAPARPort A Pin Assignment Register
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Despite Ahronson's ongoing enthusiasm for the Icelandic papar, the evidence that those most enigmatic of early Atlantic travellers existed outside the imaginations of the island's early historians still remains insubstantial.
Mohd Ali, "Petroleum hydrocarbon in surface sediment from coastal area of Putatan and Papar, Sabah," Malaysian Journal of Analytical Sciences, vol.
Abstract: The papar Intends an analysis of the early writings of Karol Wojtyla, which are essential to understand the subsequent development of his thought.
The advertisement, promoting another prize draw, presents a set of Kadazandusun symbols: groups of people, in the front and in the background, wearing the "traditional" dress belonging to communities in the Papar area; "traditional" musical instruments associated with the KD, in particular the sompoton, played by a man in the front right; and, at the back of the image, five people performing the iconic sumazau dance.
Next, Danny Wong's article details an early case of indigenous opposition to land dispossession: the court case brought in 1910-11 by the Dusun (Kadazandusun) of Papar, on the North Borneo coast, against colonial encroachment.
Papra, Popra (S); Barabhutru (Bh); Papara, Papra (M); Papar (Kharw); Papa (Ho); Pempri (MP) Glossogyne bidens Tej raj, Nakdana (S); (Retz.) Alston Mainthorib(Bh), Pakhal ret (O); Ringud ranu (M); Nakdana (B).
QUALIFIED TEAMS FOR FINAL: 1 ITF, Tony Billingham and Paul Barbone, 67 net (on count back); 2 Abu Dhabi Aviation, Ron Littleton and Chris Elms, 67 net; 3 Systech International, David Russell and Raja Flora, 68 net; 4 Transguard, Joe Morrin and John Nolan, 69 net; 5 ITP, Nick Pomeroy and Tim Stokes, 69 net; 6 BMA International, Abizher Mohammed and Mazher Papar, 69 net; 7 Al Saeedi Group, Kuttan and Anish Malattiri, 70 net; 8 Hytec Abu Dhabi, Livio v Hellenberg Hubar and Atique Daneshmend, 70 net.
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Also he has to give a pig or RM500 to his two sons and another buffalo or RM1,500 to his Kampung Langkuas folks in Papar, reports the Star Online.
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