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PAPAWPushrim-Activated Power-Assist Wheelchair
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In the mid 1960s I tracked down the Fordson," Papaw said.
I'm as wordy as your Papaw was taciturn, but the father's heavy hand is always the same.
Perhaps his real monument is his pharmacological panacea, the many thousands of tubes of Lucas' Papaw Ointment serving people around the globe.
On the other hand, Burleigh fails to deal with the flip side: The papaW was no placid sacred entity claiming a spiritual sovereignty; the pope was the absolute monarch of his territories and sought to remain so.
The Ohio legislature recessed at the end of May last session without having resolved a number of not-at-all-urgent issues--whether the smallmouth bass or the walleye pike would be designated the state fish, whether the papaw or apple would become the state fruit, whether the bullfrog or toad would be named the state amphibian and whether the hamburger would make the grade as the official state food.
The women plant only indigenous species such as fig, banana, citrus, papaw, papaya, avocado, nandi flame, acacia, thorn, and cedar.
From an English or Irish point of view, however, the principal interest of Adrian's papaW is the bull Laudabiliter, which apparently gave Henry II of England papal approval for the conquest of Ireland.
My uncle Buddy was a little more educated than Papaw, and more knowledgeable.
I like Denblan, below left, a whitening and brightening toothpaste which contains papaw extract, mint and parsley essential oils.
The understory plants that suck on this soft green-and-gold glow are as specialized and beautiful as jewels: spicebush and papaw, strawberry bush, water elm, dwarf palmetto, ironwood and switch cane; holly, green ash, and swamp chestnut.
They were their master's Gold Coast slaves as opposed to his Congo, Papaw, or Gambian Negroes.
I long to hear a sound that would draw me up to the back porch of a house in the hills to meet the grandparents I have never felt in my arms--Mamaw, Papaw, Gram, and Poppa Cecil.