PAPCPediatric Associates PC (Colorado)
PAPCPeace Art Project Cambodia
PAPCParaxial Protocadherin
PAPCPrima Asia Pacific Consulting (Malaysia)
PAPCProfessional Antigen-Presenting Cell
PAPCProduction and Process Control(s)
PAPCPiedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants (Winston-Salem, NC)
PAPCPan American Petroleum Corporation (formerly Stanolind Oil and Gas Company)
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welcomed PAPC to the Center and congratulated the organization on its 29th anniversary and over 60 years of providing public service to the Community and called on its members to remain steadfast in working with integrity and honesty.
The organization started the PAPC Journalism Scholarship to assist aspiring college bound journalist and is sponsoring a child in the Philippines to be 'off the streets and off to school' through Philippine International Aid, which has sent 50,000 children to school and just celebrated its 30th year.
The event is hosted by the Kenya Ports Authority and organized by the PAPC Secretariat in collaboration with the three Port Management Associations:--West and Central Africa, East and Southern Africa and North Africa.
By 1948, the PAPC under Monagas managed to build athletic parks in 81 rural and urban areas.
Both primary and secondary pathologists performed poorest on the PAPC module in all years, except in 2009, when secondary pathologists performed poorest on the PAPJ module at 3.
1947, PAPC, box 18, C2-8; "The Betrayal of Air Power," Aviation Week 48 (April 5, 1948): 50; (12 April 1948): 54; and (19 April 1948): 66; "Expansible Industry or Mothball Fleet?
The most realistic power constraint will be PAPC which often makes optimum solution for transceiver design difficult to be determined.
Conferences regionales de PAPC entre 1995-2004 Conferences Seances Discussions Conferencieres de d'experts travail (plus d'un conferencier) 1995 Nouvelle-Ecosse 6 6 1 1996 Manitoba 8 6 2 1997 Saskatchewan 7 6 4 1998 Ontario 8 3 4 1999 Quebec 8 1 5 2000 Ile-du-prince-Edouard 9 0 2 2001 Alberta 8 3 4 2002 Nouveau-Brunswick 8 3 3 2003 Colombie-Britannique 7 6 8 Total 69 33 33
25/01/2016 PAPC (LEN) intraocular lenses and other ophthalmic prosthesis.