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PAPER CLIPPeople Against People Ever Re-Enlisting: Civilian Life Incentive Program (Navy enlisted term, esp. nuclear operators)
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But the paper clip had a long path to the flawless form we know today.
Such a humble profession of ignorance turns into irony if you know--which you wouldn't from I he documentary--that the basic premise of this collecting project is historically inaccurate: Norwegians donned the patented paper clip to express solidarity with their king in exile, not their fellow and sister Jewish citizens.
Bend the paper clip so that it forms a hook from which to hang the paper clips.
The Gem paper clip was also better than Vaaler's design as it had an extra turn of wire.
The function of a paper clip is to connect things," Ms.
Tie one end of the short string to the balloon, then tie the other end to the paper clip.
The award-winning documentary film Paper Clips, released on DVD to coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day tomorrow, captures how the students made a promise to honour every lost soul by collecting a paper clip for each individual exterminated by the Nazis.
Last year Canadian Kyle MacDonald made a series of swaps starting with a red paper clip which eventually saw him acquire a house.
If you missed it, first of all he swapped the paper clip for a pen that looks like a fish, followed by: a handmade doorknob' camp stove' 100-watt generator' "instant party kit" (empty keg and illuminated Budweiser beer sign)' snowmobile' afternoon with rock star Alice Cooper' KISS snow globe' paid role in a movie called Donna on Demand' and, finally, a two-storey farmhouse in Saskatchewan.
Their simple promise--to collect one paper clip for each person exterminated by the Nazis during World War II--led to them gathering more than 27 million paper clips, with more than 11 million being housed in a donated WWII railroad car memorial that was shipped to Whitwell, TN from Germany.
To do this, take a magnet (if you don't have one, try looking on an electric can opener; these usually have a magnet to hold the cut lid of the can) and rub it on the straightened paper clip in one direction only