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PAPERSPennsylvania Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (Harrisburg, PA)
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Some, however, have already gained publicity through the papers, and others have not offered a field for those peculiar qualities which my friend possessed in so high a degree, and which it is the object of these papers to illustrate.
"The moment I looked at my table, I was aware that someone had rummaged among my papers. The proof was in three long slips.
Before coming here, I placed copies of the most important of these papers in another hand.
In the middle of this table lay a single sheet of paper, evidently left there on purpose.
My heart warmed to the man who had moved his chair against the bedside table--the man who had struggled to the last to defend Eustace's papers from the wretches who had seized them.
The cars will go on running, whether I hold the paper or somebody else holds it.
When he had finished his letters, Stepan Arkadyevitch moved the office-papers close to him, rapidly looked through two pieces of business, made a few notes with a big pencil, and pushing away the papers, turned to his coffee.
HAVING obtained an audience of the King an Ingenious Patriot pulled a paper from his pocket, saying:
On returning to dinner in the coffee-room, I found all the London papers on the table.
If you ask which is the best of these second-class papers they say there is no difference; one is as good as another.
"Being a prudent man and accustomed to take care of your own affairs, you begin to rummage among the papers as you have come into; don't you?"
He therefore came to the conclusion that the parcel contained simply some papers, and that these papers were relating to politics.