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PAPERSPennsylvania Association of Public Employee Retirement Systems (Harrisburg, PA)
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For instance, my Heidelberg daily was always twenty-four hours old when it arrived at the hotel; but one of my Munich evening papers used to come a full twenty-four hours before it was due.
Being a prudent man and accustomed to take care of your own affairs, you begin to rummage among the papers as you have come into; don't you?
He therefore came to the conclusion that the parcel contained simply some papers, and that these papers were relating to politics.
The afternoon papers puffed scraps of news under big headlines.
A little after he observed his son burning a paper which he thought should have been kept; and at that his excitement burst out so that it was painful to witness.
I knew that he understood Arabic very well, and could not only speak but also write it; but before I disclosed the whole matter to him, I asked him to read for me this paper which I had found by accident in a hole in my cell.
These, we presume, indicated the nature of the papers which had been destroyed by Colonel Openshaw.
The moment I looked at my table, I was aware that someone had rummaged among my papers.
Now, all this is a swallowing of me up alive that rasps me; so, feeling a little out of temper, and not being as strict as yourself, I take a look at the document before twelve o'clock to refresh my memory as to its appearance--fold up one of the many yellow old papers in the cellars like it--and afterwards, when we have got into Monday morning, and I have, by the light of your lamp, to walk from you, lying on that bed, to this grate, make a little exchange like the conjuror, and burn accordingly.
In the middle of this table lay a single sheet of paper, evidently left there on purpose.
After some weeks the scraps of paper became little hard round balls, and when the pockets were filled he dumped them out upon the floor.
On returning to dinner in the coffee-room, I found all the London papers on the table.