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Papie has made 22 albums of David's cuttings right from his earliest days to now.
"The newsagent in St Maxime gets the English papers and rings Papie up every time there's a story about David.
Nenhum artigo repetiu a utilizacao da mesma populacao, O numero de autores para cada artigo variou entre um e sete, havendo repeticao para quatro deles, Brian Wansink (Just e Wansink, 2014; Wansink e Ittersum, 2013), David Marchiori (Marchiori e colaboradores, 2012; Marchiori e Papies, 2014), Eric Robinson (Robinson, Raa e Hardman, 2015; Robinson e colaboradores, 2015) e Charlotte A.
Sobre os paises de origem, cinco foram realizados no Reino Unido (Keenan e colaboradores, 2015; Oldham-Cooper e colaboradores, 2011; Ogden e colaboradores, 2013; Robinson, Raa e Hardman,, 2015; Robinson e colaboradores, 2015), cinco na Holanda (Bolhuis e colaboradores, 2013; Marchiori e Papies, 2014; Nederkoorn, 2014; Prinsen e colaboradores, 2013; Spanos e colaboradores, 2015), um na Belgica (Marchiori e colaboradores, 2012), dois nos Estados Unidos (Just e Wansink, 2014; Wansink e Ittersum, 2013), um na Espanha (Penaforte e colaboradores, 2014) e um na Suecia (Schioth e colaboradores, 2015).
HP (low and high Food-related words (1998) hunger): and control, -Females 16 transport-related -Males 16 words Placanica, HP (fasted and High-calorie food, Faunce, and nonfasted): low-calorie Soames Job -Low EDI-2 19 food, negative (2002) scorers shape/weight, -High EDI-2 19 positive shape scorers /weight and control, household-related and transport- related words Papies, HP (RES and uRES): Food words, Stroebe, -Females 79 palatable food and -Males 25 words and control Aarts words (2008) Study 1 Papies, HP (RES and uRES): Food words, Stroebe, -Females 98 palatable food and -Males 40 words and control Aarts words (2008) Study 2 Brignell HP: Food and control et al.
Several studies have addressed second-order processes such as actively seeking family and friend support, using flexible diet control strategies, and consistently employing self-monitoring and problem-solving strategies (Hindle & Cartpenter, 2011; Meule, Papies, & Kubler, 2012; Reyes et al., 2012; Barnes & Kimbro, 2012).
These include simple priming procedures in which individuals are reminded of key goals they wish to reach (Papies & Hamstra, 2010), mental contrasting (which requires individuals to think about their goals, outcomes, and obstacles), and implementation intentions (which involve individuals to think about how they will actually implement their goals) (Stadler, Oettingen, & Gollwitzer, 2010).
Esta ideia e tambem apoiada pelo modelo de conflitos de objetivos (Papies, Stroebe, & Aats, 2008) que defende que os alimentos tem um valor hedonico, sendo os alimentos saborosos os preferidos.
Later, Papies and Hamstra (2010) explored the effect of priming with the goal of dieting (by means of the incidental exposure of a poster announcing recipes of low-calorie diets) on food intake of restrained and unrestrained eaters in a naturalistic setting.
Por otra parte, Papies, Stroebe y Aarts (2007) realizaron un estudio sobre los pensamientos hedonicos provocados en relacion a la comida y al comportamiento de ingesta de alimentos para personas que tenian una dieta restringida.