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PAPRPowered Air-Purifying Respirator
PAPRPeak-to-Average Power Ratio
PAPRPower Architecture Platform Requirements
PAPRPower Architecture Platform Reference
PAPRPartially Acidulated Phosphate Rock
PAPRPhysician Assistants' Prescribing Reference
PAPRProduct Assurance Program Representative
PAPRPersuasion Architecture in Press Releases (Future Now, Inc.)
PAPRPolish Academy of Public Relations (Warsaw, Poland)
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Classical PAPR reduction techniques include clipping, selective mapping (SLM), partial transmission sequence (PTS), and active constellation extension (ACE) [8]-[11].
So we just talked through the scenarios and said, "This doesn't feel right, because if I mess up [and spread Ebola to my hair], I'm going to die." The question, "Does this feel right?," continued to guide the revision process as the team chose the more extensive, full-coverage PAPR ensemble.
The company says the ESAB PAPR features a P3 filter and pre-filter to remove particulates and the latest control technology, allowing the operator to adjust air flow between 170 and 220 L/min to suit the environment and application.
According to the FAA and experts we talked with, flying near the surface or at the fringe of ADS-B coverage areas may negatively impact the metrics provided in the PAPR report.
Not good enough, so PAPR agreed to call in the cavalry.
"Since ATSC 3.0 uses OFDM modulation rather than ATSC 1.0's 8-VSB, the PAPR is 2-to-3db higher," said Dielectric VP/Sales Jay Martin.
In order to reduce the high PAPR, several schemes have been proposed in the VLC system.
Har, "Adaptive phase rotation of OFDM signals for PAPR reduction," IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, vol.
Considering transmitted power [E.sub.f] PAPR [sigma], and target detection probability [epsilon] constraints, the multiple-pulse samples of wideband radar waveform based on Kalman filtering are designed by minimizing the MSE of estimation TSC.
The proposed SPS-SLM based OFDM system has shown better performance in reducing PAPR of OFDM signal and no need side information (SI) to recover original data at OFDM receiver.