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(59) In the French cohort PAQUID, mild drinkers (<1 to 2 drinks/ day) and moderate drinkers (3 to 4 drinks daily) had a reduced incidence of AD compared with non-drinkers.
The main study focused on a sample of 1063 individuals from the PAQUID cohort (mean age of 78), who were free from dementia symptoms at the beginning of the follow-up period and who had not consumed any benzodiazepines prior to the fifth year in the follow-up period.
To supplement these results, the researchers completed a case-control study on 1633 individuals with dementia (case) and 1810 without any dementia symptoms (control), all taken from the initial PAQUID population.
Longitudinal analysis of the effect of apolipoprotein E epsilon4 and education on cognitive performance in elderly subjects: the PAQUID study.
DESIGN, PARTICIPANTS, MEASUREMENTS: In the present study we used a Cox proportional hazards model to investigate the distribution over time of the short-term effect of black smoke and sulfur dioxide in 439 nonaccidental and 158 cardiorespiratory deaths among the 1,469 subjects of the Personnes Agnes QUID (PAQUID) cohort in Bordeaux, France.
All the subjects of the Personnes Agees QUID (PAQUID) cohort living in the urban area of Bordeaux in southwestern France were included.
This work was part of a large cohort study of elderly people living in the community in the Gironde (10000[km.sup.2], 1 127546 inhabitants), France (the PAQUID study) [11].
The Paquid research program on the epidemiology of dementia: methods and initial results.
The experience of our neuropsychologists, who have been involved in this kind of research through the Paquid study for 10 years, made it possible to select, adapt, and supervise the most appropriate tests for our population.
PAQUID [15], a prospective epidemiological study of normal and pathological ageing, in a representative sample of the population of two districts in the SouthWest of France, allows a simultaneous assessment of the psychological and mental status and the thyroid function in elderly subjects living at home.
From a random sample of 2792 French elderly community dwellers included in the PAQUID study, 1804 non-demented subjects were interviewed by specifically trained psychologists about their performance on telephone use, use of transport, responsibility for medication intake, and budget management, and then followed up.
Michel P, Commenges D, Dartigues JF, Gagnon M, Barberger-Gateau P, Letenneur L, and the Paquid Research Group.