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PARABOLAPortable Apparatus for Rapid Acquisition of Bidirectional Observations of the Land and Atmosphere
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"Now, gentlemen cosines, will you cease to throw parabolas and hyperbolas at each other's heads?
Modeling of the cable as a discrete parabola in different spans does not hold true in continuous span structures as this creates discontinuity at the juncture of different spans.
En su aparente sencillez, esta parabola transmite un mensaje inusualmente profundo, que ha golpeado de modo efectivo las conciencias y suscitado fecundas iniciativas espirituales, en las que la experiencia religiosa ha cristalizado en expresiones eticas, personales e institucionales, sin las que no comprenderiamos nuestra cultura.
"I was nervous but as soon as the first one (parabola) goes you kind of go 'oh my God, what's happening'.
"The Parabola of Discipleship" contains a detailed breakdown of how the course was conceived and executed, how well different aspects of the course went, and suggested changes for future similar courses.
Let us recall a basic fact about quadratic functions and parabolas. If E = [alfa][z.sup.2] + [beta]z + [gamma], ([alpha] > 0), then the minimum value of E occurs at the vertex of the parabola where
There is a one-minute break between each parabola, and then every five parabolas you have a five-minute break for checks and adjustments.
Typical parabola manoeuvre test flight aircraft was flying maximum air speed of 34.1 m/s and starting parabola manoeuvre.
Conclusions: The better model showing the functional relation between the pulmonary hypertension in hyperthyroidism and the factors identified in this study is given by a polynomial equation of second degree where the parabola is its graphical representation.