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PARADISEPiloting A Researcher's Directory Service in Europe (European X.500 deployment project)
PARADISEParallel Applications in a Distributed Environment
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But I do not think you can hope to read Paradise Lost with true pleasure yet a while.
But in spite of Adam, in spite of everything that can be said against it, Paradise Lost remains a splendid poem.
The Prophet was wise without knowing it when he decided not to go down into the paradise of Damascus.
It may be so, but it is not paradise now, and one would be as happy outside of it as he would be likely to be within.
The birds of paradise fled at our approach, and truly I despaired of getting near one when Conseil, who was walking in front, suddenly bent down, uttered a triumphal cry, and came back to me bringing a magnificent specimen.
It was thus the fountains were dancing to the moon in Arabia; it was thus the Nixies shook their white limbs on the haunted banks of the Rhine; it was thus the fairy women flashed their alabaster feet on the fairy hills of Connemara; it was thus the Houris were dancing for Mahomet on the palace floors of Paradise.
He only called it a Paradise because he first saw her coming, and so made her out within her hearing to be an angel, Confusion to him
But Paradise Lost excited different and far deeper emotions.
I will not conceal from you that the document ends with certain legal phrases about the unpleasant things that may happen if the money is not paid; but meanwhile, ladies and gentlemen, let me assure you that I am comfortably off here for accommodation, wine and cigars, and bid you for the present a sportsman-like welcome to the luxuries of the Paradise of Thieves.
It is a lovely evening,' answered I; and I sighed to think how little I had felt its loveliness, and how little of a paradise sweet Grassdale was to me - how still less to the voluntary exile from its scenes.
Eastward, between them and the populous interior valleys, lay the wilderness of the Coast Range--a game paradise, Billy heard; though he declared that the very road he traveled was game paradise enough for him.
Not as the law of a God do I desire it, not as a human law or a human need do I desire it; it is not to be a guide-post for me to superearths and paradises.