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PARAFACParallel Factor Analysis
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To extract the channel matrices [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], similar to the steps (11)-(15), we can obtain another PARAFAC tensor model T = [[T.
Compared to the PARAFAC tensor model, a more flexible tensor model should be adopted to capture this characteristic.
In this section, we propose a combined channel estimator to estimate the cSi by jointly exploit the benefit of PARAFAC and PARATUCK2.
Identifiability: Both PARAFAC and PARATUCK2 decompositions are essentially unique under some mild conditions, which allows a joint estimation of channel matrices of all links.
Note that the subsequent LMMSE signal processing method has been used in paper [14, 15] in two-hop PARAFAC tensor model channel estimation algorithm.
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Simulations will give an example that constrained PARAFAC decomposition has better accuracy in parameters estimation than traditional methods.
In this section, constrained PARAFAC model is formulated as the basic modeling tool in array signal processing.
Equations (1) and (2) are variably known as PARAFAC model, trilinear decomposition or canonical decomposition [32].
When PARAFAC analysis is adopted in array signal processing, the mode matrices represent meaningful physical interpretation and usually have structure properties.