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PARAFACParallel Factor Analysis
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Sidiropoulos, "Parafac methods for blind beamforming: Multilinear ALS performance and CRB," IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, Vol.
Then, MRPs production was further assessed by the applicability of 3DEEM combined with FRI and PARAFAC, hence exploring the suitable fluorescence parameters for semi-quantifying the MRPs in the hydrothermal FW system.
Henderson, "Spectroscopic characterisation of dissolved organic matter changes in drinking water treatment: from PARAFAC analysis to online monitoring wavelengths," Water Research, vol.
This is called the canonical polyadic (CP) decomposition (also known as PARAFAC or CANDECOM).
The proposed method uses PARAFAC model to avoid pair-matching problem.
In the present work, the combination of two-dimensional EEM fluorescence and second-order calibration of parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) was investigated for simultaneously determining catechol, hydroquinone, and tryptophan.
Compared to traditional parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC) algorithm, APTLD can avoid the two-factor degeneracy problem and speed up the convergence.
By assuming uncorrelated sources, we then show that the problem boils down to a PARAFAC decomposition, from which a method that exploits the dual-symmetry property of the covariance tensor is derived by considering the ideas rooted in [12].
Parallel factor (PARAFAC) analysis attracted the attention of researchers when it was originally introduced in array signal processing in 2000 [21, 22].
Direction of arrival (DOA) algorithms in MIMO radar have been recently investigated in [6-24], which contain estimation of signal parameters via rotational invariance technique (ESPRIT) algorithms [6-8], Capon algorithms [10, 11], multiple signal classification (MUSIC) algorithms [9,12-15], parallel factor (PARAFAC) analysis algorithms [16-18], propagator method [19, 20], quaternion method [21, 22], compressive sampling methods [23,24], and so on.
In [4, 5], PARAFAC algorithm exploits the iteration of TALS (trilinear alternating least square) to estimate the frequency and DOA.