PARALProgram for the Analysis of Religion Among Latinos
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Por ultimo, las palabras registradas para los maderos o reglas donde se clavan o sostienen las tejas o las laminas son: alfajilla, arteson, base, caballete, caballo, canal, cargalamina, cargazinc, carriola, cercha, cimbra, cinta, clavador, costanera, cuadro, cuarton, culata, cumbrera, enreglado, envarillado, fajilla, formaleta, lintel, liston, madero, morillo, paral, percha, perlin, ratonera, regla, regleta, reglon, solera, soporte, tijera, trozo, vara, varazon, varilla, viga.
(8) Cuando habla de "paral" se refiere a un lado de la acera o la calle.
Probablemente se refiere al mandato de construir el templo: consurgite, et aedificate sanctuarium Domino Deo (1 Paral., 22, 19), el gran templo destinado al arca de la alianza y nucleo de la naciente monarquia.
Loin de mettre en place une fantasy debridee comme les romans dans lesquels les univers paral leles ont peu en commun avec le monde reel, Charlotte Sometimes se caracterise surtout par une ambiguite generique liee a sa position au carrefour de plusieurs sous-genres litteraires.
TTL also affirms, in no uncertain terms, that "a denial of life is a rejection of the God of Life" (TTL, Paral).
In Chicago, 19,702 immigrants are eligible for deferred action, according to an analysis of census data by Rob Paral and Associates, a Chicago-based consulting firm specializing in immigration issues.
his r defeat proved about Paral becwt First, he was judged the way an able-bodied sportsman would have been judged.
pro i Paral t eve "I am proud that their spirit was born in this country just as I am proud that these Paralympic Games will be the most prominent ever.
(47) Rob Paral, What Does the 2010 Census Tell Us About Metropolitan Chicago?
He was president of Qatar Paral Islamic Association, and founding treasurer of Indian Muslim Cultural Centre.
(36.) Rob Paral & Benjamin Johnson, Maintaining a Competitive
Rob Paral, a Chicago-based demographer, told the Associated Press that "The state essentially owes its demographic sustainability to Latinos, Asians and immigrants." The Hispanic population of Illinois increased by 32.5 percent, from 1.53 million to 2.03 million, while the white population fell to 8.42 million, a decline of 3 percent.