PARCCPrecision, Accuracy, Representativeness, Comparability and Completeness
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This year, high schoolers who take AP, IB, PARCC or state tests will not take a final exam.
Completely eradicating the Common Core but keeping the PARCC "doesn't make a ton of sense," said Plucker.
First of all, virtually the same is true of the PARCC assessments, which are administered in fewer than 10 states.
An exception might be Tennessee, which dropped out of PARCC, at least temporarily, in June.
For more information about the two common assessment consortia, please visit PARCC at www.
As a first step, national programs such as Smarter Balanced and PARCC, are providing a "Technology Readiness Tool" to help K-12 schools identify their current technology infrastructure in preparation for the transition to online testing.
The current, complete PARCC offering delivered on the Pearson technology platform; this option includes states' ability to customize the test and add state developed items;
Hutchinson ordered Arkansas to withdraw from PARCC days after the state Education Board rejected his request to replace the PARCC test with an ACT test.
It's set to roll out in spring 2016 and, like the PARCC and Smarter Balanced tests, will focus heavily on evidence-based reading.
After three hours of testimony, there were plenty of other opinions in between for the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to consider as it prepares to vote later this year on whether to make the controversial PARCC test the state's new standardized exam.
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In order to use the SBAC and PARCC tests, schools need hardware.