PARCOMPeacetime Airborne Reconnaissance Program
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In parallel with the Simadan transaction, Parcom Capital has reached an agreement with the shareholders of Marvesa Oils and Fats and will integrate the activities of Noba into those of Marvesa Oils and Fats.
The advent of the new shareholders Pon Holdings and Parcom Capital guarantees the continuity of Imtech Marine, to allow the company to realize its growth ambition.
Together with our co-investors Parcom Capital and ABN Amro Participaties, we are delighted at the prospect of working with TenCate management and supporting them in the next stage of the company's development."
Beth Reuben slumped at her desk as she recalled her meeting 2 hours earlier with Dan Asher, Parlance Communications' (ParCom's) product manager.
After having successfully weathered the global financial crisis and a subsequent period of expansion under the stewardship of its private equity owners Gilde and Parcom, Nedschroef will now enter into a new phase of its longstanding history.
Send your answers to: Justin Rose golf competition, Parcom Media, Klima House, Brookfield Ave, Blackrock, Dublin.
(229.) Oslo and Paris Conventions for the Prevention of Marine Pollution, PARCOM Decision 96/2 on the Phasing-out of Processes Using Molecular Chlorine ([C/.sub.2]) in the Bleaching of Kraft and Sulphate Paper, June 17-21, 1996, art.
Play Better Golf With Justin Rose, in association with Parcom Media and Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, is released on March 8, EUR27.95.
The measures will apply as from 1 July 2002 (eighteen months after the Directive comes into force).The future EU Directive will also enable the eleven EU Member States which have committed themselves to PARCOM Decision 95/1 in 1995 under the Paris Convention (1998 OSPAR Convention) to respect their commitments to phasing out the use of SCCPs as follows:- as plasticiser in paints and coatings, use in metal working fluids, ususe as flame retardants in rubber, plastics and textiles by 31 December 1999;- as plasticiser in sealants by 31 December 2004.ThThe European Union is not party to the PARCOM Decision as such.
They asked the Commission to report back to the Council at its next meeting in June.Short chained chlorinated paraffins.The Ministers also took note of a memorandum submitted by the German and Finnish delegations on the implementation of PARCOM (Paris Commission for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Land-Based Sources) Decision 95/1 on the Phasing out of Short Chained Chlorinated Paraffins, have a high aquatic toxicity and, due to their properties, are liable to bioaccumulate in the food chain.