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PARCSPrimary Atomic Reference Clock in Space
PARCSPerimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System
PARCSPurdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator
PARCSProvincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan (Canada)
PARCSPaleoenvironmental Arctic Science (US NOAA)
PARCSParking and Revenue Control System
PARCSPortable Autonomous Report Collection System (radar)
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The PARCS organization brings together regional groups devoted to dissemination, sharing and discussion of technology, logistics, regulatory issues and best practices involved in implementing the investigational clinical supply process of clinical trial drugs.
PARCS is run by the 10th Space Warning Squadron, and provides tactical warning and attack assessments of missiles launched against the continental United States and southern Canada.
The PARCS contract illustrates our commitment to the Air Force Space Command and demonstrates our capabilities as a premier provider of radar systems management and support," said Bob Murphy, president, BAE Systems Technology Solutions Sector.