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PARCSPrimary Atomic Reference Clock in Space
PARCSPerimeter Acquisition Radar Attack Characterization System
PARCSPurdue Advanced Reactor Core Simulator
PARCSProvincial Association of Resort Communities of Saskatchewan (Canada)
PARCSPaleoenvironmental Arctic Science (US NOAA)
PARCSParking and Revenue Control System
PARCSPortable Autonomous Report Collection System (radar)
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vice president of pharmaceutical sciences and regulatory compliance for Cato Research, and the organizer of the PARCS meeting.
We are delighted that through the McKesson BioServices alliance we were able to jointly present this solution at the PARCS meeting.
Under the new contract, BAE Systems Technical Services will support the PARCS radar by performing services that include program management, training, site operations, communications-electronics maintenance, computer operations, local area network/software support, supply support, civil engineering support, environmental management, security, transportation, vehicle maintenance, calibration, Military Strategic Tactical and Relay System (Milstar), Military Family Housing Maintenance (MH), local purchase and safety.