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PARDPeriodic and Random Deviation
PARDProject Asset Rotation Days (project management)
PARDPeriodic and Random Deviation (specifies ripple and noise content of a voltage)
PARDPrecision Absolute Relative Difference (measurements)
PARDProtect As Restricted Data
PARDPeople's Association for Rural Development (India)
PARDPullman Alliance for Responsible Development
PARDPower Aware Request Distribution
PARDPostaccident Radioactivity Depletion
PARDPilot Airborne Recovery Device
PARDParts Application Reliability Data
PARDParks and Recreations Department
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Through the Prescription for Choice campaign PARD is urging individuals to contact legislators to support House Bill 511 and Senate Bill 211, which backers say will level the playing field for locally owned pharmacies.
Paul's Elders Council, Pard began volunteering with the church when she was 16 years old.
PARD concentrates on providing health care, sanitation and youth development programs to Palestinians living outside the official refugee camps, raising awareness of their plight while trying to alleviate the worst of their suffering.
The Land Rover project is funded by pounds 700,000 of the government's pounds 32 million PARD (Premiere Automotive Research and Development) grant.
Delfino and London agree that pard dichlorobenzene may not be the culprit behind the reduced lung function that London's team reports.
Paul, Minn., in 1995 credited a successful interdiction program through the city's PARD with significantly reducing juvenile crime.
Pard steps "five and six" were the required assistance of the Negro community and acceptance of the Negro player by of his teammates.
That's a good value these days, pard, at least until some of the restaurant guys go crazy in the markup department.
These problems and their consequences often endure into adolescence and adulthood, placing children with ADHD at significant long-term risk for academic, psychological, and social morbidity.[1,3-6] The Project for Attention-Related Disorders (PARD) was designed to improve access to care and, therefore, to increase treatment for children with attentional problems in the San Diego (Calif.) Unified School District.
The final argument in equation (2) is the level of private expenditure on applied research and development (PARD), and again there are similar conflicting effects at work: the possibility of higher costs of R & D inputs against, on the other hand, the possibility that expenditure on applied research and development may generate knowledge spillovers or provide other infratechnology which raises the marginal returns from investment in basic research.(6) Combining equations (1) and (2) and aggregating across firms leads to the following reduced form specification for the aggregate level of private expenditure on basic research:
Then a soldier, Full of strange oaths, and bearded like the pard, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick in quarrel, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the cannon's mount.
In southern Pard state, where Rio Maria is located, the ground is watered with the blood of unionists.