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pressure (36) and to manipulation by deep-pocketed private plaintiffs; (37) and that parens patriae actions brought in state courts have nearly doubled since CAFA was enacted.
Following Parens' idea (a similar argument can be found in the previous section by Fukuyama and Kass), in the context of the competitive character of developed societies, a sociological analysis of social mobility could suppose that the socio-economically stronger groups should be directly classified as a potentially genetically superior class.
Proponents of attorney general-initiated parens patriae obesity suits
First, it argues that parens patriae is the wrong frame to evaluate state standing to assert quasi-sovereign interests.
through a class action, citizen suit, qui tam action, or parens patriae
Because the modern parameters of parens patriae and police powers are constantly evolving, they can be applied to ensuring the safety and well-being of citizens in the context of added sugar regulation.
Under the principle of parens patriae, the government is duty-bound to act as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.
holding that foreign states could not proceed under a parens patriae
act[s] in parens patriae, it has the inescapable duty to vouchsafe due process." (23) As one New York State Surrogate's Court judge wrote while examining an Article 17-A guardianship petition: "[J]udicial scrutiny of the exercise of the parens patriae power has been imprecise and in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings, it has historically been exercised with little or no concern for due process protection[;] ...
But the philosophy of "parens patriae" presumed that juveniles were not entirely rational offenders, and those committing crimes as juveniles needed rehabilitation directing them to become law-abiding adults rather than only punishment.
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