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PARENSPhiladelphia Area Reproductive Endocrinology Nursing Society
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Boat Rental Negligence; Strict Business Liability; Breach of Contract; General Maritime Law; Federal Oil Pollution Act; Economic and Compensatory Damages for Lost Earnings; Punitive Damages TABLE TWO: ENVIRONMENTAL PARENS PATRIAE ACTIONS Description of Chief Remedies Plaintiffs Type of Action Sought State of Parens Patriae Recovery of Alabama (241) lawsuit against BP compensatory PLC, Transocean and damages; remediation Halliburton; costs; punitive Assistance by damages; interest; Outside Attorneys attorneys' fees; Working for a Fee; other litigation Tort Action costs State of Complaint for Ruling that Louisiana Declaratory Transocean Ltd.
PARENS PATRIAE SUITS Because of concerns about effectiveness and the potential for abuse in class action litigation, parens patriae suits represent the most appropriate vehicle to address the issue of deadweight loss.