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PARFUMEParticle Fuel Model
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Moschino Poudre Parfume (below) comes with a heart-shaped puff and leaves skin silky and scented, pounds 28 (01273 408800)
De Moschino ranges then you et a gorgeous Savon Parfume free.
They showed me the magazines that had the parfume tip-in removed.
Table -- 10 Estimated sales turnover of supermarkets by type of goods, 1999 Type of goods Sales Share in total (Rp'milyar) (%) Meat, fresh fish 886 15.0 Staple food 625 14.8 Beverages 625 10.6 Vegetables, fresh fruits 614 10.4 Dry food 519 8.8 Cosmetics 443 7.5 Cleaning materials 437 7.4 Milk & processed milk 413 7.0 Electricc appliance 242 4.1 Chocolate & candy 212 3.6 Parfume 171 2.9 Canned food 165 2.8 Cooking spice 100 1.7 Medicines 94 1.6 Paper goods 6 0.1 Writing materials 6 0.1 Others 94 1.6 Total 5,900 100.0 Source: Data Consult
The duck is Canard a la Sauce Aigre Douce et Riz Parfume (Duck with Sweet & Sour Sauce and Flavored Rice), a Chinese recipe (360 grams for 19.95 francs).
et la nuit de lune est prete, et moi, j'ai une lumiere qui tremble, et les etoiles qui clignotent, et les sons lointains d'un piano qui se meurent dans l'air doux et parfume...
When she is moved to a prison cell, she notes that her "pot de chambre en fonte, qui n'est jamais nettoye, parfume la cellule" (159).
Dream Perfumes has already found success in the traditional fragrance segment with Varensia, an eau de parfume spray with a classic floral scent; and Rue Pergolese, a lighter fragrance that combines citrus and freesia.
BAGS OF FUN: Turn bathtime into a teatime treat with Bulgari Parfume Tea Bags For The Bath.
When people mow their lawns, there is no longer a fresh-cut-grass smell but something more like parfume de camphor--the pervasive aroma of Sweet Annie.