PARHPlasminogen Activator Releasing Hormone
PARHPure Alexia and Right Hemiachromatopsia
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To understand that and not be the person jo amreeka se parh ke aye hai aur pata nahi kya samajhtee hai apnay aap ko (a person who has come after studying in America and thinks too much of herself) and execute a production was something I learned at my two years at Geo."
Chapman HM, Parh D, Oraguzie N (2000) Genetic structure and colonizing success of a clonal, weedy species, Pilosella officinarum (Asteraceae).
It is much similar to other hot spot related rocks that intruded Parh Group and Bela Ophiolite melange.
He said that the government has taken notice of the problem and a food-testing laboratory is being established at Dhoke Parh near Dhamial.
Larkiyan parh rahi hain angrezi/ dhundh li qaum ne falah ki rah Raushan-i maghribi hai madd-i nazr/ waz'-i mashriq ko jante hain gunah Yeh drama dikha'ega kiya sin/ parda uthne ki muntazir hai nigah.
Four prominent reflectors named Khadro, Parh, Lower Goru and Chiltan are marked at the seismic sections.
The Rocks exposed in the area include: Parh Group (Cretaceous); Bibai Formation (Late Cretaceous); Dungan Formation (Paleocene); Ghazij Formation (Eocene).
The Urak Group is thrusted by the Alozai Group (Triassic) in the north and by the Parh and Babai formations (Cretaceous) in the south.