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PARIPrimary Access Rights Identification
PARIPort and Airport Research Institute (Yokosuka, Japan)
PARIPisgah Astronomical Research Institute
PARIParental Attitude Research Instrument
PARIPrecolumbian Art Research Institute (Mesoamerican research)
PARIPrecision Automation and Robotics India, Ltd.
PARIProgram d'Aide a la Recherche Industrielle (French: Industrial Research Assistance Program)
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PARI does not accept donations from governments or corporations, so to keep the site going Sainath and a core group of donors regularly contribute funds in addition to money donated by users of the site.
So far, Pari Gallery has achieved a staggering 35% increase in sales.
The report provides brief overview of PARI Pharma GmbH including business description, key information and facts, and its locations and subsidiaries
However, a corporation may avoid imputation of its agent's wrongful acts, and the in pari delicto defense, wilh die "adverse interest exception.
With Pari in tow, Nila escapes to her mother's city, Paris, from a claustrophobic marriage to a closeted gay when he falls ill.
PARI's nasal aerosol delivery system--known as PARI SinuStar Aerosol Delivery System--provides a targeted, topical delivery of medication through the nose.
The company is capable of going anywhere in the capital structure--from senior financing to pari passu equity--and will entertain all asset types and geographical locations.
Pari Publishing is a new publishing venture that was launched in September 2005 and over the next few years will be producing a select number of well-designed books, introducing new ideas, approaches and reflections from new and established authors.
Balki's Pad Man there will be Parmanu and Pari , both of which are ready to hit theatres in India on March 2.
Fifty-three agricultural innovation stakeholders from the Ethiopian government ministries, education, extension, and research institutions; development organisations, farmers cooperatives, private sector organisations; and from the regional and international research institutes like the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) and ZEF; Agricultural Growth and Development Policy Modelling Consortium (AGRODEP/IFPRI); gathered together in Capital Hotel and SPA (Addis Ababa), to ground-truth PARI study results, and prepare the political ground necessary for scaling agricultural innovations, job creation and food security in Ethiopia on 12th and 13th October, 2017.
ClickPress, Fri Jul 19 2013] Global Market Direct's pharmaceuticals report, "PARI Pharma GmbH - Product Pipeline Review - 2013" provides data on the PARI Pharma GmbH's research and development focus.