PARIFPreservation Affordable Rental Investment Fund (Minnesota)
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The financing came from Tax-exempt bonds issued by the City of Minneapolis, tax-credit equity, a deferred loan through MHFA's PARIF program, a deferred loan through Hennepin County's Family Housing Fund, and a deferred loan through the City of Minneapolis' Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) program.
Your attention is drawn to a number of specific points for this project - Work safety zone with setting up and management of PARIF,- Completion times very forced and linking many phases every year with full reopening portions of taxiway (4 phases in 2015, 6 phases in 2016, two phases in 2017)- Phasing of operations spread over three tranches: one firm phase (2015) + 2 conditional phases (2016-2017).
In PARIF - Inspection screening of persons, goods, products and vehicles entering the pczsar by common access to this area.