PARIFPreservation Affordable Rental Investment Fund (Minnesota)
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Main features: construction of a parif in the eastern zone of the cayenne felix eboue airport
Scope 3: PARIF (Computer Access Road Baggage inspection)
- Personal inspection filtering, vehicles and objects transported Access Road Station Filtering Inspection (PARIF) holder of saline.
The consultation aims to ensure cleaning and tightening of security equipment and accessories (roller tables, mechanized tables, ELTs, gantries, RX ...) of checkpoints terminals and PARIF Orly .
The contract covers the airport security benefits for Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport, for the following three areas: Scope 1: IFPBC (Inspection Filtering Passengers and cabin baggage)Perimeter 2: HBS (Inspection Filtering luggage Bunker)Scope 3: PARIF (Computer Access Road Inspection Filtering)Candidates will also present a proposal for any additional services (technical option) on security services at the airport Lyon Bron, Aeroports de Lyon reserving the possibility of retaining or not when selecting the awarded the contract.
Lot 3: Industrial cleaning and constantly clean landside ancillary areas (public area), certain airside surfaces (security restricted area) and the premises of the SA GPC energy business service building, access station road security check (PARIF) north road access security check post (PARIF) South Freight Terminal (Building transport agents and freight forwarders, bonded warehouse including loading docks, the ARFF fire station, the private manager premises ( SA Guadeloupe Pole Caribbean) located in Terminal T1 including lounges and business area.
Your attention is drawn to a number of specific points for this project - Work safety zone with setting up and management of PARIF,- Completion times very forced and linking many phases every year with full reopening portions of taxiway (4 phases in 2015, 6 phases in 2016, two phases in 2017)- Phasing of operations spread over three tranches: one firm phase (2015) + 2 conditional phases (2016-2017).
In PARIF - Inspection screening of persons, goods, products and vehicles entering the pczsar by common access to this area.