PARIHSPromoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services
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Contributing Frameworks Part of Intervention The PARIHS The Gifford Framework Model Introduction via email to each X X individual X X X X Workshop 1 X X X X Teleconference 1 X X Teleconference 2 X X X X Workshop 2 X Abbreviation: PARIHS, Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services; CPG, clinical practice guideline.
Evaluating the successful implementation of evidence into practice using the PARIHS framework: Theoretical and practical challenges.
Similarly, conceptual frameworks such as PARIHS (Promoting Action on Research Implementation in Health Services), (14-16) the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR) (17) and the Knowledge-to-Action (K2A) (18) framework offer heuristic and practical guidance for planning and evaluating implementation.
Originally published as a conceptual framework in 1998, (25) PARIHS proposed that successful implementation resulted from the interplay between evidence, context and the processes of facilitating implementation.
Within the PARIHS framework, successful implementation is seen as an interaction between evidence, context and facilitation; each of these elements has subelements, of varying levels that may be viewed on a continuum of intensity.
The PARIHS framework, (8-10) aligns evidence with clinical priorities, patient need and clinical experience and the research underpinning the evidence (or from which it is derived) needs to be undisputed by clinicians.
Other frameworks that might prove useful in School of Healthcare Sciences, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, UK making an assessment of 'what needs to be done' and have been used frequently used within a healthcare context include PARIHS itself (3-5), the Knowledge to Action Cycle (8) and the consolidated framework (9).