PARNProfessional Associations Research Network (est. 1999; Bristol, UK)
PARNProductivity Analysis Research Network
PARNPeterborough AIDS Resource Network (Peterborough, Ontario, Canada)
PARNPre-Authenicated Release Note (EU New Computerized Transit System)
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In the Dicer independent miRNA biogenesis of miR-451, pre-miR-451 is thoughtto be exported to the cytoplasm by EXP5 where it utilizes AGO2 to form an ac-pre-miR-451 which is processed by a PARN to form the mature miR-451.
Zaidi et al., "Exome sequencing links mutations in PARN and RTEL1 with familial pulmonary fibrosis and telomere shortening," Nature Genetics, vol.
It has generally been agreed that Estonian towns were mainly established in the mid-13th century as a result of the German eastward expansion (Kala 2001; Parn 2004).
To stand a chance of winning the series and with it, the prize of a seven-round WRC2 campaign in 2015, they had to at least win the event and four stages just to close the gap to Parn.
Lei, R., Lepparanta, M., Erm, A., Jaatinen, E., and Parn, O.
The positions of landmarks are stored by the particles such as Par., = ([x.sup.T.sub.L], P) where [X.sub.L] = ([], []) and P is the 2x2 covariance matrix for the particular Kalman Filter contained by Parn. The 6DOF vehicle state vector, [x.sub.v], can be updated in discrete time steps of (k) as shown in (14) where R = [([x.sub.r], [y.sub.r], H).sup.T] is the position in inertial frame, from which the velocity in inertial frame can be derived as [??] = [v.sub.E].
In our study, we are analysing Cu and Zn--two trace metals that are essential to trees and which are usually discussed in articles evaluating impact of smelters or thermal power plants on environment and human health (Larsson, Helmisaari 1998; Derome, Nieminen 1998; Parn 2001; Schelle et al.
In 2008, the DIUS (Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills) commissioned PARN (the Professional Associations Research Network) to research and identify interesting and innovative employer recruitment practices that widened access to new graduates entering the professional labour market.
A recent academic study [Friedman and Phillips, 2004] of models of control within professional associations reports the conclusions of a seminar held at Birkbeck College, University of London (November 28, 2000), entitled "Governance for Professional Associations in the 21st Century." The seminar, arranged by the Professional Association Research Network (PARN), was attended by representatives of 35 professional bodies, including the ICAEW.
The victim was last night named as Jane Boyd, 50, from Parn Lodge, Stowe, Galashiels, Scotland.