PARPAPrograma de Apoyo a la Reconversión Productiva Alimentaria (Guatemala)
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Efforts have focused particularly on the PARPA process, as a gender assessment of PARPA I (Garrett, 2003) revealed its gender blindness in both content and process.
The Economic and Social Plan is the annual planning instrument that operationalises the medium-term policies and strategies that are elaborated in the five-year National Development Plan and the PARPA.
In particular it has reinforced a focus of the government in developing the capacity of the state to plan and manage public expenditure, which is key in achieving the poverty reduction goals set out in the PARPA.
Dr Parpas also suggested that Bahrain was once a home to an ancient cult that worshipped Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing.
Bahrain was already regarded as a holy site and a place of healing thousands of years earlier in Sumerian mythology, but Dr Parpas said the discovery of the plaque suggested that tradition had continued.
Pavlos Gregoras will be on vocals along with Christos Pachlivanis who will also be hitting the keys and Iakovos Parpas on sax and flute.
The three musicians brought in Iakovos Parpas on the saxophone to join them for their first concert.
They will be without their influential midfielder Vuksevic but Parpas has shaken off a niggling injury and should be in the starting line-up.
Police said Parpas fell unconscious while training at a local Taekwondo school at around 7pm.
30pm on Wednesday night, a couple of European citizens arrived at Larnaca airport to travel to their country," said Larnaca's deputy police spokesman Mamas Parpas yesterday.
Stelios Parpas and Vouho are both expected to shake off injuries and play, while Angolan duo Dede and Marco Airosa could return from the African Cup of Nations in time for the match.
Larnaca police spokesman Mamas Parpas yesterday said the 38-year-old was being investigated for causing death through reckless driving, hunting outside of the legal season and illegal possession of explosive materials.