PARPAPrograma de Apoyo a la Reconversión Productiva Alimentaria (Guatemala)
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Validity was demonstrated by significant correlations between intrusion and anxiety (r = .64) as well as depression (r = .49; Mystakidou, Tsilika, Parpa, Galanos, & Vlahos, 2007).
Secondary data includes a selection of academic literature and key country documents, including among others the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) of Mozambique (Planode Accao para a Reducao da Pobreza Absoluta, PARPA II), Aide Memoires of joint reviews, Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Mozambique and the (general) budget support donors and documents related to GRB activities in Mozambique.
* Within the frames of the PARPA, the government is not required to report on donor contributions, which clearly undermines the transparency and accountability of donor funding mechanisms.
(21.) Kyriaki Mystakidou, Irene Panagiotou, Stelios Katsaragakis, Eleni Tsilika, and Eft Parpa, "Ethical and Practical Challenges in Implementing Informed Consent in HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials in Developing or Resource-Limited Countries," Journal of Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS 6, no.
Notably, the relationships between religiosity and depressive symptoms have been primarily investigated in patients with physical illnesses, such as cancer (Bussing, Fischer, Ostermann, & Matthiessen, 2008; Mystakidou, Tsilika, Parpa, Smyrnioti, & Vlahos, 2006; Sherman, Simonton, Latif, Spohn, & Tricot, 2005), chronic pain (McCauley, Tarpley, Haaz, & Bartlett, 2008; Moreira-Almeida & Koenig, 2008), and other medical illnesses (Koenig, George, & Titus, 2004; Pargament, Koenig, Tarakeshwar, & Hahn, 2001; Pargament, Koenig, Tarakeshwar, & Hahn, 2004).
Las propiedades psicometricas han sido extensamente analizadas en relacion con la consistencia interna, la fiabilidad test-retest y la obtencion de diferentes evidencias de validez (Bados, Gomez-Benito y Balaguera, 2010; Mystakidou, Tsilika, Parpa, Sakkas y Vlahos, 2009; Suzuki, Tsukamoto y Abe, 2000; Guillen-Riquelme y Buela-Casal, 2011; Vautier y Pohl, 2009; Vigneau y Cormier, 2008; Virella, Arbona y Novy, 1994).
Some of the agricultural equipments used by the Mros during cultivation include 'parpa' (spade), 'charai' (machete), 'mlek' (like a spade, used to cut branches or logs to pieces), 'tangchen' (small curved machete), 'laitim' (plow), 'thrung' (long rattan basket), and 'chapam' (large container for storing rice).
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