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PARRPotomac Area Road Riders (motorcycle club)
PARRPakistan Atomic Research Reactor
PARRProgram Analysis & Resource Review
PARRPost-Anaesthetic Recovery Room
PARRProgram Assessment Review Report
PARRPoseidon Augmented Radio Room
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Miss Parr was taken to hospital and doctors found she had two "significant" stab wounds to her chest and abdomen, although they did not require surgery.
Also nearby in Parr Street are dry bar and restaurant The Brink and burger bar Almost Famous.
Parr rightly acknowledges that travel wagers have largely been ignored in scholarship of travel writing.
LEADING RESULTS - Men: 1 C Parr (Gates) 14:55; 2 S Hancox (Morp) 15:08; 3 J Marshall (Gates) 15:09; 4 R Floyd (Morp) 15:12; 5 G Jayassuriya (M&C) 15:16; 6 M McNeil (Salf) 15:18; 7 T Straughan (Morp) 15:22; 8 J Askew (DURC) 15:28; 9 S Morley (Sund) 15:29; 10 S McMahon (Sund) 15:29; 11 A Powell (Sund) 15:33; 12 L Adams (SthSh) 15:33; 13 J Nisbet (Morp) 15:38; 14 J Dunce (TyneBr) 15:39; 15 K Jeffress (Sund) 15:40.
Parr took to the ice to chants of Russia, Russia but produced a slick routine, stuttering on only one element to secure a personal best score.
It means Parr will this week be confirmed as the men's singles representative along with the already-qualified Jenna McCorkell, figure skaters David King and Stacey Kemp, and ice dance pair Nick Buckland and Penny Coomes.
Convergence of Interests: Because Parr didn't have an itinerary for his travel, he promised to stay in touch regularly by texting and blogging.
Parr served as vice president of Clinical, Regulatory, and Quality Affairs at Tria Beauty where she secured a number of regulatory clearances for light-based aesthetic and therapeutic devices for at-home use.
Parr, a former three-sport standout from Bend's Summit High School, was one of three true freshman who scored in UO's intrasquad scrimmage last week, and is among the leaders of the Ducks' eight-person freshman class.
The family of Mr Vaughan, aged 30, from Birmingham, were in the public gallery to hear Parr enter a plea of not guilty.
When Parr covers a new subject like Mexico, he brings his photographic style along with him.