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PARSEPennsylvania Association of Retired State Employees (est. 1973; Camp Hill, PA)
PARSEPatient Reported Status and Experience Survey (health quality)
PARSEProgram for the Assessment and Repair of Shipboard Elevators (US Navy)
PARSEParameterization by Solvation Energy
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This parser attempted to create a parse tree between the set of words relying on dependencies' probabilities.
It thereby generates mass, time and length, the three physical-quantities which parse the measure-formulae used by physics.
The top five percent of publishers in's study received about 11 percent of their overall traffic from Twitter.
Parse was led to the assumptions that underlie her theory through a combination of other nursing theory work and readings of philosophers such as Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty and Sartre (Wallace & Coberg, 1988).
Recognizing a single plan can then be viewed as deriving a single parse for the sequence of observations based on the formal grammar for the plans.
In particular for some web search queries parsing-based Semantics is employed to parse" the query using some rules or Grammar and some underlying database of facts and this parse influence the search output.
From using the automatically generated parse trees to parsing files with more than one language, this packs in code examples and applications from validating program symbols to recognizing ambiguous phrases.
26 April 2013 a[euro]" US tech giant Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has agreed to acquire domestic mobile start-up Parse Inc, the companies said in separate blog posts.
With streaming-based APIs it is necessary to perform a large number of I/O {input/output) operations, because for every element of R it might parse the entire document S (at worst).
"It took four years and an astonishing amount of work on natural language, on codification, how you parse a question, even how you deal with humor and sarcasm--things that no machine learning system has ever tried to tackle.