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PARSEPennsylvania Association of Retired State Employees (est. 1973; Camp Hill, PA)
PARSEProgram for the Assessment and Repair of Shipboard Elevators (US Navy)
PARSEParameterization by Solvation Energy
PARSEPatient Reported Status and Experience Survey (health quality)
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Nursing, under the umbrella of medicine, and as defined by Nightingale, was seen to be a natural science, but even Nightingale recognized that nursing was more comprehensive than medicine in both practice and theory (Charlie, 2015; Parse, 1992).
Once you have your Intel(R) Edison board configured, it's time to install the Parse SDK.
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There are several advantages to the parsing-based approach: (1)The parse of a query provides clues to possible user intentions behind the query.
Facebook will continue offering the solutions of Parse, a cloud-based platform that provides scalable cross-platform services and tools for developers, the pair said.
Parse (1992) states that humans participate with the universe in the cocreation of health, as they live rhythmical patterning of the human-environment interrelationship.
0 is a four-in-one tool consisting of two resizing controls for handling both simple and complex sizing, a tabbing control to create notebook-style and Outlook-style tabs and a parsing control to scan and parse text files automatically.
Our investigation starts from this inherently functional approach, which does not require an explicit parse table or a parsing stack.
Then, to parse the data, move your mouse arrow to the Excel menu and click on Data, Text to Columns and Finish.
Transformation rules can be associated with productions in the grammar, and, collectively, these rules can guide alternate traversals of the parse tree once it has been constructed.