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Porque "O escritor inventa agenciamentos a partir de agenciamentos que o inventaram, ele faz passar uma multiplicidade para a outra" (DELEUZE; PARNET, 1998, P.
Para Deleuze e Parnet (1998), a territorializacao e um processo que compoe segmentaridades determinadas, ou seja, define identidades a segmentos, colocando-os em uma linha de serializacao que opera por procedimentos binarios e diacronicos.
2013; 102(12):539-45 Migraine A, Nicklaus Cross- Questionnaire 24 months S, Parnet P Lange sectional filled corrected CH, Monnery-Patris out by the age S, Des Robert C, et parents al.
Mechanics is a system of closer and closer connections between dependent terms" (Deleuze & Parnet, 1987, p.
Gilles Deleuze, no livro Dialogos, em coautoria com Claire Parnet, fala sobre entrevista num instigante capitulo intitulado "Uma conversa, o que e, para que serve?".
The two have rarely been studied together, he says, but Deleuze's individually authored works and collaborations with Felix Guattari and Claire Parnet can be read in productive counterpoint to Cage's.
From L'Abecedaire de Gilles Deleuze, interview with Claire Parnet, transcribed and translated by Leopold Lambert (second and third ellipses in the original).
This, according to Deleuze and Parnet (2006: 103), turns us into 'creatures which are most fearful, but also most pitiless and bitter'.