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PASAIPacific Association of Supreme Audit Institutions
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3) The absence of the latter in particular is striking, given how thick such materials are on the ground at other sites in North Aceh, such as at Pasai.
In Sibu, the survey was conducted at Pasai Siong, the orchards are located far away from settlement area.
Autorius mano, kad nepateisinama ir tai, kad pagal registracijos taisykles is moteru buvo atimami pasai ir vietoj ju isduodamos sanitarines prostituciu knygeles.
Pasai seo, Shumashti siu, Wotapuri sigit, Bashkan-k sigit, Kashmiri sekh 'sand, file', Khashi sikk 'gravel', Bhalesi sikka.
But some were erected in the same burial ground with other tombstones from later periods, such as the 13th century, which have dates, Arabic calligraphy and similar horn-shaped designs as those royal tombstones of Samudra Pasai in eastern Aceh.
Her Malay monarchy absorbed a diversity of foreign traders into a polyglot elite united by the royal person, a Malay lingua franca, and a pattern of rules and sacred regalia passed down from courts such as Malacca and Pasai.
The Hikayat Raja-Raja Pasai ("Story of the Kings of Pasai") sees ulu as an appropriate place for the rule to make a pleasure trip, although it is an area to which those who rejected Islam have fled.
Hall, 'Upstream and downstream in Southeast Asia's first Islamic polity: The changing sense of community in the fifteenth century Hikayat Raja-Raja Pasai court chronicle', JESHO 44, 2 (2001): 198-229; Vincent J.
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It was noted in history that Parameswara, the first ruler of Malacca converted to Islam after his marriage to the princess from Pasai.
1) In 1511, when a small Portuguese force under Afonso de Albuquerque captured Melaka and drove out its Muslim ruler, Pedir and Pasai were still the most important of the group of north Sumatran port-states that, at the same time as they commanded the entrance to the Straits of Melaka and the maritime trade routes that ran through them, also provided an outlet for the valuable produce of the Sumatran hinterland, which included gold, forest products and, above all, pepper.
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