PASATPaced Auditory Serial Addition Test (neurology)
PASATPoppleton Allen Sales Aptitude Test
PASATProgressiver Auditiver Serieller Additions Test (cognitive test)
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Table 1: Details of test and retest administration Semester 1 Semester 3 Semester 5 Semester 6 MLAT X English fluency X X Non-sign repetition X X Digit span X X Matrix reasoning X X BSL GJT X X X X Patterns X X X Connections A and B X X X PASAT X X X BIS X X X Table 2: Participants N Age Testing BSL/Interpreting students 22 Median 19 4 times (5 male) (range 19-25) (3 x 1 year apart 1 x 1 semester apart) Working interpreters 14 Mean 43 1 time (2 male) (range 34-53)
Para evaluar los efectos de la interaccion entre la escucha de musica y el estres sobre el desempeno del PASAT se realizaron ANOVAs de dos vias con factores escucha de musica y protocolo de estres para el bloque de 3 segundos y 2 segundos comparando: a) respuestas correctas, b) no respuestas, c) respuestas incorrectas y d) respuestas demoradas.
Their cognitive functions were measured 60 minutes before and 15 minutes after diving using the PASAT software.
However age, gender, level of education, ARR, BDI scores, and PASAT scores had no effect on maintenance of the treatment.
In the control group, Verbal Span accounted for 21% of the variance in Simple Sentences whereas PASAT explained 40% of the variance in Complex Sentences, F(1, 18) = 4.
Abbreviations: BBS = Berg Balance Scale, EDSS = Expanded Disability Status Scale, ICARS = International Cooperative Ataxia Rating Scale, MS = multiple sclerosis, MSFC = Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite, NHPT = Nine-Hole Peg Test, PASAT = Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test, T25WT = Timed 25-Foot Walk Test, TIS = Trunk Impairment Scale.
Error Deviation Mean Pair 3 PASAT Controls 30,62 60 10,81 1,60 PASAT 17,73 60 8,82 1,16 Intervention group Pair 4 WLG Controls 17,71 60 3,31 ,48 WLG 9,07 60 3,18 ,47 Intervention group Pair 5 MMSE Controls 28,84 60 1,50 ,22 MMSE 27,89 60 2,59 ,40 Intervention group Table III Different average in STAI (Anxiety) and Depressive Symptoms I Mean N Std.
16) compararam tomografias computadorizadas por emissao de foton unico em 15 sujeitos com SFC e em 15 sujeitos saudaveis, em descanso e enquanto realizavam o teste PASAT (Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test).
2005 Abbreviations: CANTAB, Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery; CMS, Children's Memory Scale; CMS Numbers-B, Children's Memory Scale Numbers Backward; DB, Digits Backward; FWT-B, Finger Windows Test Backward; NA, not available; PASAT, Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task; PM, Porteus Maze; ROCF, Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Task; RT, reaction time; SeS, sentence span; SOPT, Self-Ordered Pointing Task; SpS, spatial span; SpS-B, Spatial Span Backward; SST, stop signal time; Stroop, Stroop Color-Word test; SWM, spatial working memory; Trails-B, Trail Making Test Part B; TOH, Tower of Hanoi; TOL, Tower of London; VWM, verbal working memory; WAIS, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; WCST, Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.
A mixed model repeated measures ANOVA was used to examine PASAT performance with the within-subject factors being time of test (time: pre and post smoking) and between subjects factors being dose (placebo and active marijuana) and sex (male and female).
The authors of recent studies using PASAT procedures on patients in the early stage of CIS established that compensatory functional cortical processes contributed to complex information processing operations in these patients.