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PASCALPlace Management, Social Capital and Learning Regions (Observatory)
PASCALPartnership among South Carolina Academic Libraries (Columbia, SC)
PASCALPhilips Automatic Sequence Calculator
PASCALPreservation and Access Service Center for Colorado Academic Libraries
PASCALProgramme d'Aide aux Sciences et aux Langues (French: Assistance Program for Science and Languages)
PASCAL[not an acronym] High level structured programming language named for 17th century mathematician Blaise Pascal)
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Without treatment, a boy like Pascal could expect to lose the ability to walk at around eight, and to live into his late teens or early twenties.
At the age of nineteen, Pascal created the concept and development of the Pascaline.
Pascal is owned and administered by Inera, the Swedish county and regional e-health company.
After a long reign as the head of Sony Pictures, the studio last week announced Pascal was stepping down and would start a new production venture at Sony.
Pascal also faced criticism for green-lighting the film that may have inspired the hacking to begin with.
Sony Pictures said Pascal will step down from her current post in May to launch her own production venture on the studio lot.
Rudin was set on having David Fincher to direct the film, but Pascal told him Jolie was also after Fincher.
It has been a torturous few weeks for the Sony brass, one that has many in Hollywood convinced that the ordeal could cost Pascal her job.
Este articulo es una reflexion sobre la caridad en Pascal, el tercero de esos ordenes.
Pascal Steel utilized their in-house design team to create an environmentally conscious metal building that will meet California's Great America's needs for years to come.
Whereas some of Pascal's relative contemporaries, such as Jacques Bossuet in his 1682 Discours sur l'histoire universelle, were working on a universal model of history that conceives of time as a grand linear progression and seeks to unite all of humankind in that shared movement forward, Pascal announces the futility of that kind of approach to temporality and history.
Home-grown bakery brand Pascal Tepper celebrated its third birthday on April amid revivals of its plans to expand internationally through franchising.