PASECProtect against Sexual Exploitation of Children
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Together, the World Bank, CONFEMEN, and the PASEC team are building capacity among government policy makers and national researchers to effectively use assessment results to improve the education system.
The Programme d'Analyse des Systemes Educatifs de la CONFEMEN (PASEC) is conducted under the auspices of the Conference des Ministres de l'Education des Pays ayant le Francais en Partage (CONFEMEN).
Conference des Ministres de l'Education des pays ayant le francais en partage (2008) Synthese des Resultats PASEC VII, VIII et IX.
For this molded-in-color application, an IMV of 20 to 30 Pasec (200 to 300 poise) created optimal flow properties.
The first involves rehabilitation of power generation plants and distribution networks, amounting to around US $20 million and known as the Energy Sector Support Project (PASEC).