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PASICPercussive Arts Society International Convention (est. 1974)
PASICPublished Authors' Special Interest Chapter (est. 1995)
PASICParents Association for Seriously Ill Children (Nottingham, East Midlands, England, UK)
PASICPondicherry Agro Service and Industries Corporation (est. 1986; Pondicherry, India)
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Historians have described his reaction as "bizarre." (47) We can't be sure whether Pasic decided to head south out of panic or whether he deliberately created time to "clear his head and think over his options." (48) Whatever his original motives, Pasic's train ride left him with several hours during which he was more or less alone.
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Divers, helicopters, K-9 teams, aluminium and inflatable rescue boats were at Manila Bay and at the Pasic River.
Mike Pasic, Head of Tax and Accounting from Thomson Reuters, co-organisers of the seminar, moderated the discussions that were designed for SMEs, as well as emerging and large corporates.
On this opportunity, the Romanian Prime Minister took knowledge of the agreement between Nicola Pasic and Take Ionescu, in which the occidental part of Banat was about to be a part of the Kingdom of Serbians Croatians and Slovenes (Bratianu, 1939: 36).
In this vein, Clark offers compelling portraits of Nikola Pasic, the Serb prime minister; Maurice Paleologue, the French ambassador in Russia; and Raymond Poincare, the French president.
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This came as Shaikh Khalid met here today the Bosnian Foreign Minister's envoy to the 41st session of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Ambassador Edhem Pasic, on the sidelines of the 41st Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of member states of the OIC.
However, pregnancy might not occur after laparoscopic treatment, so in vitro fertilization would be an option to improve fertility (Yeung, Shwayder, & Pasic, 2009).Second, hormonal medication such as Progesterone inhibits the growth of the endometrium, and oral contraceptives reduce the menstrual pain (Harada, Momoeda, Taketani, Hoshiai, & Terakawa, 2008).
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