PASISPerpetually Available and Secure Information Systems
PASISProgrammable Advanced System Interface Simulator
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Pasis noted the absence of a water sprinkler system in the building, for which the owner could be held liable.
Pasis said the fire reached a canteen inside the building up to the adjacent Heavenly Inn Cafe and Restaurant.
It also discussed a number of items related to the local and foreign investment by PASI, the proposals submitted to it about the investment in stocks and securities.
It may here be mentioned that DIG Malakand Azad Khan had approved promotion of a total of 65 ASIs and PASIs in Malakand division including 13 cops from Lower Dir.
The PBS, on the other hand, is the improved version of the former benefit PASIS, and more knowledge and data has accumulated.
Pasis Hartunen, the managing director of MPS for Baltic region, says that "the purpose of the transaction is to settle down in quickly developing Lithuanian and Baltic human resource consulting market.
(322) Harvey Pasis, "Achieving Population Equality among the Constituencies of the Canadian House, 1903-1976" (1983) 8 Legislative Studies Quarterly 111 at 115, n.
board could shop like Pasis Hilton." (10) Despite approving the
Agitation is exhibited by 55% to 90% of persons with dementia, depending on the setting (Ballard et al., 2001; Cohen-Mansfield, Werner, Watson, & Pasis, 1995), and not only places the patient and others in the immediate environment at physical risk but also increases stress in caregivers (Bourgeois, Schulz, & Burgio, 1996).