PASLPremier Arena Soccer League (est. 1997)
PASLPulsed Asl
PASLParallel Application Specification Language
PASLPlatelet Activity Suppressive Lymphokine (biology)
PASLPershing Advisor Solutions LLC (Jersey City, NJ)
PASLPhoenix Adult Soccer League (Tempe, AZ)
PASLPetersburg Auto-Stop League (hitchhiking club)
PASLPrimary Area Switch Locator
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The constant values are a factor of 6000, used to convert the CBF unit of ml/g/s to ml/100 g/min; [lambda] is the water blood/water partition coefficient, determined as 0.9 ml/g; [alpha], which is the labelling efficiency and depends on the labelling approach used (for PCASL, [alpha] = 0.85, and for PASL, [alpha] = 0.98) [22]; and T1a is the blood relaxation time, which is approximately equal to 1650 ms at 3 tesla [23].
Ref Methods Number of subjects-MMSE (mean and range, in parentheses, or standard deviation ([+ or -]), if available) [5] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 11 (ii) EPISTAR: echo-planar (ii) HC: 8 imaging and signal targeting with alternating radio frequency (iii) Inclusion criteria: Hachinski Ischemia score < 4 [6] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 17 (ii) EPI CASL (ii) HC: 11 (iii) Inclusion criteria: Hachinski Ischemia score < 2 [7] (i) 1.5 T MRI (i) AD: 20/21.0 (17-26) (ii) PASL (ii) MCI: 18/27.7 (24-30) (iii) Voxel by voxel analysis.
The latest implementation of ASL in many modern applications is the pseudo-continuous ASL (pCASL) (Figure 2), which is used to overcome the limitations of PASL and CASL [15,60].
Appended are: (1) Definitions of Subcomponents and Dimensions; (2) NVivo Code List; (3) CLASS-S Findings; and (4) PASL Case Examples.
Jack Canforas new play about New Yorkers trying to move pasl the 9/11 tragedy ends its run on Florida Studio Theatres mainstage June 3.
PASL Wenatchee Fire FC LLC, $6,031.38 in unpaid state Department of Labor and Industries taxes.
In 2003, a team of Peruvian researchers from the Project for the Recovery of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of San Lorenzo Island (PASL)--created by the Peruvian Navy with the backing of the Grau Foundation--began a series of excavations on the island.
At the lowest level, objects can be created and destroyed by isng the standard Pasl NEW and DISPOSE procedures, but code must still be provided to perform the appropriate list surgery.
Stocks that contributed significantly to the volumes include BOP, DSL, PAEL, PASL and PIBTL, which formed 35% of total volumes.
Stocks that contributed significantly to the volumes included WTL, KEL, TRG, PASL and DCL, contributing a total of 45.3m shares, reflecting 42% share of total volumes.