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PASOKPanhellenic Socialist Movement (Greece)
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The results of the orthodox stabilization plan, which has been implemented by PASOK since returning to power in 1993, are shown in Table 1 and Figures 1-4.
After it won the elections in 1989-90, it was able to file charges of misconduct against PASOK's leader, Andreas Papandreou, and have convicted a couple of ministers as well as several high officials (particularly managers of state enterprises such as post, telecommunication and Olympic Airways) for depositing large amounts of their agencies' money in the Bank of Crete, either with no interest or with lower interest than that offered by all other banks.
PASOK, once the dominant force on the Greek left, now has just 13 members in the 300 seat parliament but Tsipras may need all the support he can get.
"PASOK is in favour of brave, substantial state reforms," it said.
PASOK will back the government in parliament but there was no word on who would serve in the new cabinet.
PASOK was pushed to third place in the May 6 vote after voters punished mainstream parties for their handling of the financial crisis, with the country suffering a fifth year of recession and record unemployment.
Besides PASOK, who are nevertheless strongly supportive of the massive austerity measures that they themselves implemented together with New Democracy, the new Greek Parliament has two other more leftist parties, the more radical Communist Party (8.48%, 26 seats) and Democratic Left (6.11%, 19 seats).
Samaras, who had previously demanded elections and balked at joining forces with Papandreou's socialist Pasok party even if the premier resigned, spoke after meeting with Greek President Karolos Papoulias in Athens on Sunday.
Papandreou's governing Socialist party (Pasok) held a tiny majority - 152 out of 300 seats.
His government was on the brink of collapse yesterday with six senior members of his Pasok party calling for him to go.
Antonis Samaras, who became leader of the opposition centreright New Democracy party after its October 2009 defeat at the hands of George Papandreou's socialist Pasok, has been relentlessly on the attack, in a drive to see Papandreou's party humiliated at the polls.
1- Turkish President Abdullah Gul will receive Greek PASOK MP from Xanthi Cetin Mandaci and Greek PASOK MP from Rhodope Ahmet Haciosman in Istanbul.