PASPPocket Active Server Page
PASPPublications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
PASPPulmonary Artery Systolic Pressure
PASPPhotovoltaic Array Space Power
PASPPublic Art Saint Paul (St. Paul, MN)
PASPProtective Action Strategy Plan (US DHS)
PASPPeople Against Stupid People
PASPProject Aviation Safety Plan
PASPPeople Animals Society Places (band)
PASPPCS Access Services for Ports (Bellcore)
PASPPeople Against Software Patents
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In 2015, PASP published an official contract showing annual revenues of AaAaAeA@1/4
The Ordinance stipulates that a register must set out information required by the Ordinance, which includes the transaction price under the PASP or the ASP, and the terms of payment (including any discount on the price, and any gift (such as furniture and chattels) or financial advantage or benefit, made available in connection with the purchase).
Thirty-one of 36 infants recovered uneventfully, with PASP falling from a preoperative mean of 53.
Such patients may be given dobutamine for 24-hour period, which can bring down the PASP and reduce the operative risks.
Except for an inverse correlation between forced vital capacity and PASP, no other pulmonary functional parameters have been associated with PASP in PLCH.
Forty-one percent of respondents stated the PASP induced a moderate to significant amount of stress contributing to changes in their relationships.
On the other hand, physicians may be reassured by a "normal" echocardiogram in a few patients with truly elevated PASP who should be followed extremely carefully for complications that can include death.
In response to FIFPro's announcement the president of PASP, Spyros Neophytides, said that these irregularities cannot be swept under the carpet and can only damage Cyprus football.
If a purchaser signs a preliminary agreement for sale and purchase (PASP) and does not execute the agreement for sale and purchase within five working days after entering into the PASP, the PASP is terminated.
After completion of the intervention therapy, PASP soon decreased to 40 mmHg and the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit.