PASQPanic Attack Symptoms Questionnaire (psychopathology survey)
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A double regression was applied: (a) considering customer satisfaction (CS) as the dependent variable, (b) customer retention (CR) as the dependent variable and (c) considering perceived automated service quality (PASQ) as the dependent variable.
Pasq alon), Giulio Grimaldi, Franco Scataglini, Leonardo Mancino, Gabriele Ghiandoni, Gaio Fratini, Franca Ronchi Francardi, Antonio Carlo Ponti, Renzo Zuccherini, Feruccio Ramadori, and Alessandro Prugnola.
London 2012 hopeful Jessica Booth shows off her new bike, a gift from the Specialized Concept Store at Fort Dunlop, on the roof of the iconic development; Jessica Booth at Fort Dunlop with Specialized Concept deputy manager Pasq Caggianiello and mum Sue.
He told journalist Jean-Christophe Pasq: "I want a more attacking game than last season, when we finished with the best defence.
The interactive session with Dr Tahir Hamid was recently organised by Pakistan Arts Society Qatar (PASQ) to raise awareness among the community regarding risks and prevention for heart attack at Pak Shamaa School auditorium.
Ten.; Pasq.) with three replications, totaling 30 plots, each one composed of four pots with one plant in each, totaling 120 experimental plants.
In this connection, Pakistan Arts Society Qatar (PASQ) is going to organise an interactive session with a cardiologist to raise awareness in the community.
(Aguiar et al., 2005) grown under up to 80% shade, in Psidium cattleianum grown under up to 70% shade (Ortega et al., 2006) or in Bombacopsis glabra (Pasq.) A.