PASRPartial Array Self Refresh
PASRPatient Access Services Representative (Kern Medical Center; California)
PASRPartial Array Self Refresh (computing)
PASRPreparatory Action for Security Research
PASRPre Activity Safety Review
PASRPersonnel Accounting and Strength Reporting
PASRPennsylvania Association of School Retirees (Mechanicsburg, PA)
PASRProgram Address Start Register (digital signal processors)
PASRProduct Assurance Source Representative
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The PASR process starts with a strength-related transaction submitted at battalion and separate unit level and ends with a data base update at all echelons of command to the Total Army Personnel Database (TAPDB).
5 kilometres long linking the PASR to the Foret de Vohidrazina.
This separation was necessary because PASR is actually two distinct tasks that are managed or executed by different elements above brigade level.
The previous core competencies of casualty reporting, personnel information management, personnel readiness management, postal operations, band operations, and PASR have been changed to functions and aligned under one of the new core competencies.
8x, the authority's resulting PASR is strong, as it is higher than Fitch's 2016 'AAA' median level of 1.
The current DSC and PASR margins have both improved since Fitch's review of the programs in October 2016.
elevators and escalators, Geodesy, Railway, Catenary, energy efficiency, renewable energy installation, Fire Safety, PASR.
Bar coded trays/tubs, after they're retrieved, move along conveyors from the PASRS to the next processing area.
USPS expects a high payback from the PASRS technology.