PASRPartial Array Self Refresh
PASRPatient Access Services Representative (Kern Medical Center; California)
PASRPartial Array Self Refresh (computing)
PASRPreparatory Action for Security Research
PASRPre Activity Safety Review
PASRPersonnel Accounting and Strength Reporting
PASRPennsylvania Association of School Retirees (Mechanicsburg, PA)
PASRProgram Address Start Register (digital signal processors)
PASRProduct Assurance Source Representative
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PPSR is a document encompassing students' activities, performance and progress in primary school which include classroom assessment (PBD), psychometric assessment (PPsi), assessment on physical activity, sports and co-curriculum (PAJSK) and UPSR for mainstream students or PASR for students with special needs.
Built into the PASR approach is the TACT (Team-building, Attitude, Conflict and Transformation) staff-development training.
Similar to the most widely used solver reactingFoam, simpleReactingParcelFoam is also applicable for reacting flow but is a steady-state solver using a PaSR combustion model for compressible flow.
The PASR said in a release Sunday's military campaign was mainly launched in Homs, Deir Al-Zour, Aleppo, Idleb, Damascus Countryside, Hama, Deraa, Al-Swedaa and Al Qunaytirah, leaving 61 people killed and scores of others wounded.
* Using brigade S-1s to provide essential personnel services, PASR, personnel readiness management, personnel information management, casualty management, and HR planning and operations customer service.
Um individuo do genero masculino tambem atingiu PAS de 130 mmHg, sendo que a PASr e de 127 mmHg, sendo a unica PAS que ultrapassou a PASr para idade, genero e altura dos criterios da SBC (2006).
The projects will be the last to be supported through the Commission's Preparatory Action for Security Research (PASR), as the programme expires at the end of 2006.
Because the survey was administered early in the course of the PASR it could be speculated that there had not been sufficient time for these behaviors to manifest.
The mission of the Army's Personnel Accounting and Strength Reporting (PASR) system is to account for Soldiers and Army civilians; report other strength-related information, such as duty status, unit of assignment, and specialty code; and update command data bases at all levels.
Gary Cordner, who served the pasr six years as dean of the College before returning to the classroom, will assist Collins with the research.
Among the regions, both the Western and Northeastern areas have had relatively raped appreciation in house prices over the pasr several years, although prices in the Northeast have softened recently.