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PASSERProgression Analysis and Signal System Evaluation Routine
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Results for the NovoStitch suture passer were equal to or better than the gold standard technique.
Our estimates using player-group fixed effects rely on variation in the race of the passer.
A passer rating of 100 or better is considered terrific in the NFL and the maximum rating is the odd figure of 158.
3-5) Suture passing instruments with smoother tips, such as the SutureLasso[TM] passer and the tapered needle, create smaller and more symmetric holes in the tendon.
Since most bank robbers are note passers, the policy can result in fewer losses for the bank, and it can help the bank earn a reputation as a hard target.
In February, Passer pushed the district into action by buying a brick inscribed with the phrase, "Keep Abortion Legal.
The check passer wears gloves or does not leave prints on the checks, or the prints do not match any known prints.
Poem 2 of the Liber Catullianus -- the first of the passer poems -- was probably the poet's most famous piece.
Devant cette aisance, des journaux n'avaient pas de place pour faire passer la publicite et etaient contraints de faire passer un communique dans lequel ils annoncaient qu'ils n'acceptaient plus la publicite de l'Anep.
3- Les revenus nets de leasing des huit societes de leasing cotees ont progresse de 12,6% au 30 septembre 2015 par rapport au 30 septembre 2014 pour passer de 183,4 millions de dinars a 206,5 millions de dinars.