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PASSIProcess for Agent Societies Specification and Implementation
PASSIPrepare Asylum Seekers and Society for Integration (various nations)
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A], January 18 ( ANI ): Hollywood actress Jessica Chastain has revealed that she never wanted to get married until she met her husband Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.
The Passi de Preposulo line dates back more than 1000 years and the family still use count and countess titles - although Italian aristocracy is no longer recognised by the government.
The wedding took place on Saturday in the northern Italian city of Treviso at the Passi de Preposulo family estate, which is less than an hour away from Venice.
Keywords: formal development of MAS, PASSI, validation, verification, rewriting logic, maude, maude-strategy, model-to-text transformation
Mr Passi said the car park was due to be re-surfaced in June or July so the potholes and the puddles will be swept away.
With two Michelin stars and an international following, Quattro Passi is widely considered to be the Amalfi Coast's best restaurant, with another establishment on Mayfair's Dover Street.
Il racconto, di cui ho tradotto--su richiesta dell'autrice--le parti in albanese, fa parte di Buio, opera con cui Dacia Maraini nel 1999 ha vinto il Premio Strega, mentre il dramma e stato incluso in Passi affrettati.
Both locations, SPUI and Passi City, became a festive gathering for all.
We had a more relaxed welcome from Count Passi di Prepsulo and his family - wife Barbara, mother Elisabetta, son Gian Luca and daughter Gaia - at their home, Villa Tiepolo Passi, which has a working farm and serves up gastronomic wonders: polenta, radicchio, quince, meats and cheeses prepared from amily recipes with their very own Prosecco from the young vineyard.
CEO Veer Passi estimated the company would boost market share of fixed broadband enterprise customers to 17%, adding that the management team had set a goal of increasing that figure to around 35% in the segment over the next three years.
Count Passi and his wife La Villa La Rotonda was once visited by Prince Charles while the "next door" neighbour of Villa Valmarana ai nani played host to the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.
Kalm Telecom Bahrain chief executive Veer Passi said the demand for bandwidth required by the businesses the world over is steadily growing.