PASSIAPalestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (Jerusalem)
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Mahler, Constitutionalism and Palestinian Constitutional Development, Jerusalem: PASSIA, 1996, for discussions on various drafts.
For examples of Arab democratic reversals and breakdowns see Larbi Sadiki, Progress and Retrogression in Arab Democatization (East Jerusalem: PASSIA, 1992).
Note, too, that the I [right arrow] you deictic transfer is, as Katherine Passias points out, the prevalent functional modality of vous in what may be the single most influential second-person fiction, Butor's 1957 novel La modification: "No matter how involved he may be in a narrative, there is an underlying awareness that the message is about 'the other.
Passias joined DDLP in November 1998 as vice president, regional consultant.
Passias was a sales consultant with Provident in Columbus, Ohio, where he was responsible for establishing relationships with producers at financial services organizations and developing selling concepts for disability and life insurance for both individuals and large groups.
Passias was a financial adviser with Baystate Financial Services in Boston, where he identified financial goals and formulated investment, insurance and retirement strategies as well as estate planning strategies for executives of small, medium and large corporations.