PASSORPhysiatric Association of Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation
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A brief details of oxygen flask i flask diameter 0.53m iiflask length 3.16m iiiflask thickness 12.6mm iv operating pressure 210kg percm2 v hydro test pressure 310kg per cm2 b testing procedure of testing i ae data acquisition ii ae analysis iii applying passor fail criteria and grading for intensity analysis.
Tender are invited for Guide for dipstick, circlip, pipe extension, lever decom passor, guard for belt, ball bearing pulley, joint cylinder to cylinder, air cleaner, drain plug, set 06 copper Joint rda4, rubber mount, connector receptaele elect 28 cntact brass terminal, fuse 20x5 mm 0.2amp, gasket 05mm twick graphited asbestos, l-series electronic gover nor contrl, lamp filament 43v 4.5w mes clear, lamp filament type 13496 24v 5, lamp filament 6v 0.223w mes clear watts, cable assy spl purpose, gasket neoprane 259.0x1150mm od 257.0x18.0mm 1id