PASUPilipino American Student Union (Stanford University)
PASUPan-African Student Union (various locations)
PASUPhysics and Astronomy Student Union (University of Toronto; Canada)
PASUPediatric Ambulatory Surgery Unit (various locations)
PASUPreliminary/Provisional Approval for Service Use
PASUProvisional Approval for Service Use
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camina ho vuelo pro a kiosco ke pre veu leqo; antes pasu por seudoboske mui ralo de artiarboles, feitos de tiespalos artridos, pegotes cualesquier, i follaqes de virutas, de gros'quilos i de madeqas: poco elemento quntido fen'azar en gran varie de pue'i eskemas nel suelo lis hai mas i libro nel.
The first part of Pasutan, Pasu, means to punish and the second 'tanu' means the body, so the word means 'of the sentence'.
The Karakoram has the highest degree of glaciation outside of the Polar Regions, where especially the high elevation basins (above 5000 m a.s.l.) show almost a continuous glacier cover, resulting in long glacier tongues reaching down to elevations well below 4000 m (for some large glaciers even well below 3000 m a.s.l., e.g., Batura glacier and Pasu glacier at about 2560 m and 2580 m, resp.).
The ECB's OMT discussed above allows the outright purchase (without resale agreement) of sovereign bonds where the central bank ranks pari pasu with private investors.
The BSU became the Pan African Student Union (PASU) and the Black Studies Program became the Pan African Studies Program.
Uvadi, ze tato predstava se menila predevsim v prubehu valecnych let, kdy Adolf Hitler "v roce 1934 prohlasil, ze nechce videt nemeckou zenu u beziciho pasu" (s.
Gerinant dailes paveldo objektu apsauga, butina optimizuoti irasymo i registra procedura, uztikrinti visu reikalingu tyrimu atlikima, tobulinti objektu pasu sudaryma, sudaryti salygas, kad dailes paveldo objektu restauravimui ir apsaugos techniniu priemoniu irengimui baznyciose tektu daugiau lesu (M.
Loredana's parents Mia and Pasu Pricajan had been in court throughout the trial.
Kargelo daru (M); Parasi (Kh); Kargeli (Kharw); Pasu (Ho) Cleome icosandra Linn.
Pasu Singhasaha and Nopparat Busbarat took the mansion award from Srivat Turkish School with their project about the reducing the textile dyes affects in the waste waters of the factory.