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He does all of it when his friend tells him that you can't patao [woo] a girl if you don't own a fancy car.
They will be installed at the platform to develop the Mariscal Sucre Dragon and Patao gas field some 40 kilometers off the Paria Peninsula in northeastern Venezuela.
patao) by the Cam and called as such in their sources, they were not fully fledged rulers from the Hue court's point of view.
The Mariscal Sucre Dragon and Patao fields are located around 25 miles North of Paria peninsula, state of Sucre, Venezuela, at a water depth of 328-427 feet (100 to 130 metres).
The French company has received the contract to design and build an offshore rig for use at Mariscal Sucre Dragon and Patao fields.
Therefore the word could have evolved as follows: beting/bating > patao > patano and finally, if the "typical" Portuguese ending "o" were dropped, > patan.
But now, with PDVSA's inclusion of the adjacent Dragon and Patao fields, Petrobras is to become a partner in a project to produce LNG.