PATARPortable Automated Time-Domain Antenna Range
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Among these resorts is the famous White Beach of Patar, which dismantled a structure built atop a natural rock formation in the area.
Patar, a coastal village facing the West Philippine Sea, boasts of a long stretch of white sand and coral line beaches, which, some tourists say, are better than those found at Boracay in Aklan province.
Kanid Lundayeh, kanid Kelabit Kanid Lun Bawang, kanid Sa'ben Serurum tau ngibpang bawang Serurum tau ngibpang ulun Serurum tau ngibpang tana' pad iah na ruen ngerumu' Serurum tau ngibpang pulong pad iah na ruen nuso Serurum tau ngibpang abpa' pad iah na ruen ngelutut Iko agung tana' Do ranging uni Iten muh bala kinih Kuan pupuh Patar Dita' Lundayeh, Kelabit Lun Bawang, Sa 'ben UNDP nemare peruan netau Titen Equator Prize Ku ngetueh netau Ngasa' tana' Ngasa' pulong Ngasa' abpa' Bawang Patar Dita' Bawang tepun Bawang tau [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED]
ina ka nam-tag-ga-duh-a (bab patar arni) e'ilti ippatir in the "Gate of the Releasing of Guilt" my bond was released
However, the next morning there was a consolation prize - a challenging climb along a snowy path to the summit of Kala Patar (5,545m) in the dark and watch the sun rise over Everest.
I folge Logstrup (9) er ikke dette valget et valg en patar seg, men et valg som er knyttet til den fordring som hviler pa helsesostrenes verdier og (faglige)kunnskapsgrunnlag.
Many martyrs of Assam including Kanaklata Barua, Mukunda Kakoti, Kushal Konwar, Tilak Deka, Bhogeswari Phukanani, Nidhanu Rajbangshi, Kamala Miri, Lerela Boro, Madan- Rauta, Hemoram Patar,Gunabhi Bordoloi etc laid down their lives for the honour of the Tricolour," said JFA president Rupam Barua.
He has reached the summit of some of the most impressive peaks in the world, including Mont Blanc in France, the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Kala Patar in Nepal, and Mount Rainier in the United States.
C'est avec beaucoup d'emotion que le nombreux public, adulte et jeune,a suivi, mardi dernier, la projection du film d'animation [beaucoup moins que]Ernest et Celestine[beaucoup plus grand que], des realisateursBenjamin Renner, Vincent Patar et Stephane Aubier,a la filmathequeZinet de Riad El Feth (OREF), dans le cadre du 15e festival culturel europeen en Algerie, qui prend fin le 30 mai 2014.Dans [beaucoup moins que]Ernest et Celestine[beaucoup plus grand que], il s'agit d'une relation amicale nee entre un ours et une souris.
"Five Maoists of People's Liberation Front of India (PLFI) have been arrested - Sanjay Patar, Dilip Bediya, Jagmohan Patar, Mahavir Munda and Prakash Munda.
Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar and Stephane Aubier handled direction duties and the pic bowed last year in Cannes' Directors' Fortnight, where it won a special mention.
Rest days allow you to acclimatise to the altitude before visiting Base Camp and Kala Patar (5,555m), recognised as the best place to view the world's highest mountain.