PATATPractice and Theory of Automated Timetabling
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However, SDS consumption improved both physical reaction time and the time to complete the Stroop test, which has been previously shown (Patat et al.
Investigations have demonstrated that time-release caffeine can enhance alertness and reaction performance for up to 13 hours following ingestion (Lagarde et al., 2000), and improve vigilance and cognitive function during sleep deprivation as compared to a placebo (Beaumont et al., 2001; 2004; 2005; De Valck and Cluydts, 2001; De Valck et al., 2003; Doireau et al., 1997; Lagarde et al., 2000; Patat et al., 2000; Sicard et al., 1996).
Spectrophotometric estimations made at the Cerro Paranal Astronomical Observatory during 2008/09 confirm low values for this particular site of about 0.03 for AOD at 550 nm (Patat et al.
Gimenez and Galea [22] studied influence measures on corrected score estimators in functional heteroscedastic measurement error models and a local influence study on functional comparative calibration models with replicated data is developed by Gimeenez and Patat [23].
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