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PATCHPlanned Approach to Community Health
PATCHPennsylvania Access to Criminal History (Pennsylvania State Police)
PATCHPersonalized Access to Cultural Heritage
PATCHPeople Allied to Combat Hunger (food bank; Millwood, NY)
PATCHParticipatory Awareness Through Community Help
PATCHNickname for HQ USAF Programs Connected With Supply
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Reuben Limbrick answered, "So much the worse for the neighborhood"--and persisted in calling his property, "Salt Patch."
When I see a patch of colour, it seemed to me that the colour is not psychical, but physical, while my seeing is not physical, but psychical.
The grey, hot mist, the whitewashed cabin, the long, ugly potato patch, the weird, pathetic figure of that old man from whose brain the light of life had surely passed for ever.
"Straight out at the back; by our threshing floor, my dear, and hemp patches; there's a little footpath." Stepping carefully with her sunburnt, bare feet, the old woman conducted Levin, and moved back the fence for him by the threshing floor.
Louise Trunnion came out across the potato patch holding the dish cloth in her hand.
Here the scenery changed from the strange and unfamiliar to the wreckage of the familiar: patches of ground exhibited the devastation of a cyclone, and in a few score yards I would come upon perfectly undisturbed spaces, houses with their blinds trimly drawn and doors closed, as if they had been left for a day by the owners, or as if their inhabitants slept within.
The patch of light fell clear of the striped blanket, and began to cover the shawl that lay over her feet.
This cornfield, and the sorghum patch behind the barn, were the only broken land in sight.
We've planned to get ahead, though, and then some day we'll buy a patch of land and stay with it."
Golden patches of ragwort blazed here and there among a tangled mass of no doubt worthier herbage,--such even in nature is the power of gold,--and there were the usual birds.
To be sure, there were several patches on him, but the tinsmiths did a good job, and as the Woodman was not a vain man he did not mind the patches at all.
Patches of poor rye where com should have been, patches of poor peas and beans, patches of most coarse vegetable substitutes for wheat.