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PATCOPort Authority Transit Corporation
PATCOProfessional, Administrative, Technical, Clerical and Other (US Civil Service classification)
PATCOProfessional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc (Florida)
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It appeared in the early hours that PATCO had triumphed, but the FAA had learned from the earlier sickout and was prepared to react.
Fourth, I examine in greater detail Reagan's firing of the PATCO strikers in 1981.
46) All of these additional transactions produced high risk scores, and the proceeds were sent to individuals to whom PATCO had never sent funds.
First, democratic organizations like PATCO need safeguards against capture by closed-minded zealots.
McCartin does an excellent job fleshing out the individual characters who sensed this widespread dissatisfaction and channelled it into support for the organization that would become PATCO.
The PATCO dispute is important for two broader reasons other than the usual drama associated with an industrial dispute; even one where a union decides to take on a government and its President.
UNABLE TO MAKE MUCH HEADWAY ON core issues, by the end of the 1970s PATCO was more militant than ever.
In effect, Reagan inherited the federal government's conflict-laden relationship with PATCO.
The confrontation between PATCO and Reagan was an inevitable collision between competing currents of the 1960s that were heading straight at each other from opposite directions.
In what might look like Reagan's destruction of PATCO in 1981 and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attacks on public sector unions in that state last February, there are plans to lock out CUPE workers and perhaps replace them with scabs.
He cited President Reagan's handling of the PATCO strike as an example of how domestic decisions and policies can influence foreign policy.
Twenty-six papers are presented in sections covering key concepts in ethics and capitalism as they impact the field of aviation; business issues such as the regulation of air space, outsourcing manufacturing, outsourcing maintenance, and ticket pricing; ethics and the responsibilities of inspectors, pilots, flight attendants, and airline companies; historical and contemporary issues of diversity and discrimination in the United States; airports, airport traffic control, and security issues, including the location of airports, the politics of airport expansion, the 1981 PATCO strike by air traffic controllers, and the Transportation Security Administration; and health and environmental ethical issues.