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PATENPiedmont Area Traffic Enforcement Network (Georgia, USA)
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Because of the role such items had at the time of Consecration, the chalices and patens deserved a very particular attention, namely with their consecration by the Bishop, the replacement of old lead or tin items for new silver ones, or the purchase of heavier and more elaborate silver chalices for a festive use.
Owen Ramsden was a prolific supplier of church plate: chalices, patens and ciboria, alms dishes and crosiers, drawing on both Gothic and Romanesque styles.
Manjari Datta works for the Trademark and Paten Counselors of America, P.
Owned by Paten Hotels since 1959, the 46-bedroom hotel is bang in the High Street and has long been a focal point for visitors and locals alike at the big meetings.
Another marine went missing and six more were seriously wounded when the gunmen opened fire on them on a beach at Ujong Blang in Paten Bireun Regency, North Aceh Military District Commander Lt.
During the closing services, a Communion chalice and paten presented to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria by the Life and Mission Agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada was dedicated and used for the first time.
and international paten documentation, has made available Patent Explorer, the only complete collection of U.
The paten filed by Apple on January 20, 2011 reveals a new innovation by the firm that could be used to increase the pixel density of a digital display placed over someone's eye through mechanical actuation and describes wearable video glasses that use a tiny battery, which could display video as clear as the iPhone 4S with its Retina Display.
a man of paten pall and burse the seed that burst from Adam's mouth
Thanks to Doctor Paten, doctors and staff of Newcastle General Hospital.