PATFPittsburgh AIDS Task Force (prevention program; Pennsylvania)
PATFPennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (King of Prussia, PA; est. 1998)
PATFPractical Applications Training Facility (US FEMA)
PATFPhysical Activity Task Force (various locations)
PATFPractice Analysis Task Force (various organizations)
PATFPublic Arts Task Force (Syracuse, NY)
PATFProtected Areas Task Force (China)
PATFPractice Act Task Force (veterinary profession)
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"At PATF, we define assistive technology as any device that helps a person with a disability achieve a more independent and productive life," said Susan Tachau, Chief Executive Officer of PATF, in a prepared statement.
PATF will accept entries and votes through November 30, 2018, upon which three lucky winners will be selected based on the number of votes received and the creativity of their entry.
PATF's rural case managers drive all around this region of Appalachia, where syringe access programs are not permitted to work, carrying naloxone and educating patients on it.
For the symptom class, the UMLS semantic type features "sosy" and "patf" are among the top relevant ones since they are capable of detecting symptom terms and pathologic terms, respectively.
Word-based Average LSP Average Semantic weight weight Avoiding -0.413 (PRP, PRP, RB, SYMP) 0.081 sosy Wrong -0.363 (PRP, PRP, VB, SYMP) 0.060 mobd Avoid -0.343 (VBZ, CC, SYMP) 0.058 patf Prescribe -0.323 (SYMP, SYMP, SYMP) 0.054 resa Bleeding 0.283 (PRP, SYMP, CC, SYMP, IN) -0.053 inpo Anxiety 0.281 (CC, SYMP, IN, SYMP) -0.052 anab Swelling 0.233 (PRP, SYMP, VBG) 0.049 mcha Increased -0.185 (RB, SYMP, VB) 0.048 aggp Migraines 0.185 (JJ, IN, JJ, SYMP) 0.036 plnt Fever 0.160 (NN, SYMP, RB, SYMP) -0.033 mamm Word-based Average weight Avoiding 0.329 Wrong 0.207 Avoid 0.190 Prescribe -0.173 Bleeding 0.100 Anxiety 0.094 Swelling -0.092 Increased -0.090 Migraines -0.063 Fever -0.052 TABLE 5: Top 10 feature contributions for medication and symptom class in a random forest model.
PATF is dedicated to supporting and empowering all individuals living with HIV/AIDS, and to be relentless in preventing the spread of infection.
In an effort to curtail property accountability problems, the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, Department of the Army, has assembled a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable logisticians and military analysts to form a Property Accountability Task Force (PATF).
Stoner, a tireless HIV/AIDS activist who died of complications from AIDS in 1993, was a founder and the first executive director of PATF.